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Modeling of damage initiation in bainitic steels with VPSC

By Jesus Galan (TU Delft)
Co-authors: Behnam Shakerifard (TU Delft)
Leo Kestens (UGent)

In this work, crystal plasticity is applied to the study of damage initiation in bainitic steel. In a first step, the VPSC formalism is combined with a physically based hardening model that takes into account different physical parameters such as composition, grain size, the influence of carbides, and other microstructural features. Then, the adjustable parameters of the model are fitted with the help of tensile experiments in different directions and an extensive material characterization. Finally, the model is used to identify pairs of grains with large mechanical hetereogeneities as possible sites for damage initiation, and the predictions of the model are compared with EBSD observations of void locations in deformed samples.

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