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Direct transformation of μCT images of fibrous materials into finite element models

By Stepan Lomov (KULeuven)
Co-authors: Ilya Straumit (KULeuven)
Martine Wevers (KULeuven)

Analysis of a micro-computed tomography image of a fibrous composite allows its transformation into a voxel model in which the fibrous structure of the reinforcement (fibre volume fraction and fibre direction) is identified for each voxel. Various calculations can be then done: geometric characterisation such as the fibre (mis)alignement in the yarns and plies and the void percentage and distribution; micro-mechanical calculations of the homogenised stiffness of the composite; creation of a finite element model which allows simulations of the mechanical response of the composite, including damage initiation and development and permeability calculations. This functionality is implemented in software tool VoxTex.

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