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About the mechanical equivalence of mulfilament models of fibre tows with arbitrary number of filaments at different loads

By Yordan Kyosev (Hochschule Niederrhein)

During the last years for the modelling fibrous structures even often multifilament models of the yarns or tows become used. Both the digital chain method and finite element methods are applied and the yarn volumes, instead of represented as solids, are represented as a set of 10, 17, 20 or more filaments, instead of the real several hundred or thousand such. Using few filaments allows shorter computational time and at the same time keep enough realistic representation about the contacts between the tows. There are existing investigations about the minimal number of the filaments in order the main phenomenon’s to be represented correctly. This work presents analytical and numerical results, related to the selection of the geometrical and mechanical parameters of the filaments, if the modelled tow/rowing/yarn has to be represent the same the outer diameter and to the linear density, and additionally to give mechanically equivalent behaviour under bending and twisting. The bending and twisting behaviour of the yarns influences the mechanical behaviour in all kind textile structures as woven, braided and knitted structures. Prediction of their properties as dry structures during the normal use or during the preparation processes for production of composites using multifilament models require correct parameter identification. The approach for this is the goal of this work

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