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Wednesday (September 20)

Auditorium MTC1 01.03
11h00Plenary talk Erik Van der Giessen: 'Plasticity, cars and brains - a surprising connection'
12h00Talk Natalia Konchakova (European Materials Modelling Council): 'Translation of Materials Modelling: Benefits for Industry and MODA Concept'


Auditorium MTC1 01.03
Lecture Hall MTC1 02.13

14h00Fast models for deformation texture development to be integrated in FE models of metal forming operations
Paul Van Houtte
B. Van Bael, Q. Xie, M. Seefeldt
Multi-scale modelling the fracture of baked potato crisps
Idris Mohammed
Maria Charalambides
14h25Dislocation and defect density based modeling of deformation behavior of irradiated fcc polycrystals
Anand Kanjarla
Aaditya Lakshmanan, Darshan Chalapathi
Nonlocal modeling of deformation and damage behavior of an inhomogeneous interphase in nano-particle supercrystals
Ingo Scheider
Songyun Ma, Swantje Bargmann
14h50Parallel evolution of deformation textures and dislocation boundaries
Grethe Winther
Multiscale modeling of failure in thermoplastic pc/abs blends
Jonas Hund
Thomas Seelig
15h15Multi-Scale mechanics of Tungsten: Structure to Properties
Mathieu Oude Vrielink
Hans Van Dommelen, Marc Geers
Statistical-mechanics approach to collective dislocation dynamics
Markus Hütter
Marleen Kooiman, Marc G. D. Geers


16h10Parameterization of a nonlocal crystal plasticity model by nanoindentation and inverse modeling
Jenni Engels
Napat Vajragupta, Soheil Rooein, Siwen Gao, Waseem Amin, Alexander Hartmaier
Modeling and simulation of short fatigue crack propagation assisted by internal or external hydrogen in a metastable stainless steel
Volker Schippl
Sven Brück, Hans-Jürgen Christ, Claus-Peter Fritzen, Martina Schwarz, Stefan Weihe
16h35FFT-based method for disclinations in heterogeneous materials
Stephane Berbenni
Komlan S. Djaka, Vincent Taupin
Micromechanical modeling of damage behavior in heat treated and non-heat treated Ti6Al4V Superalloy
Ali Cheloee Darabi
Shima Rastgordani, Javad Kadkhodapour, Ali Pourkamali Anaraki, Siegfried Schmauder
17h00Micromechanical modelling of twinning in polycrystalline materials: Application to magnesium
Charles Mareau
CPFEM investigation of effects of residual stress and work hardening on the tensile behavior of a shot peened steel
Jianqiang Zhou
Zhidan Sun, Delphine Retraint
17h25Transmission of {332}<113> twins across grain boundaries in a metastable beta-titanium alloy
Fengxiang Lin
Matthieu Marteleur, Pascal Jacques, Laurent Delannay


Thursday (September 21)

Auditorium MTC1 01.03
09h00Plenary talk Benoît Appolaire: 'Insights into the role of mechanics on diffusion-controlled phase transformations using phase field models'

Auditorium MTC1 01.03
Lecture Hall MTC1 02.13

10h00Thermo-mechanically coupled simulation of high manganese TRIP/TWIP steel
Franz Roters
Su Leen Wong, Pratheek Shanthraj, Dierk Raabe
Finite-deformation phase-field chemomechanics for multiphase, multicomponent inelastic solids
Bob Svendsen
Pratheek Shanthraj
10h25Crystal plasticity modelling on plastic anisotropy, localization and texture evolution
Junhe Lian
Wenqi Liu, Fuhui Shen, Sebastian Munstermann
Small strain elasto-plastic phase-field model based on the mechanical jump conditions
Christoph Herrmann
Christoph Herrmann, Ephraim Schoof, Daniel Schneider, Felix Schwab, Britta Nestler


11h20Plastic anisotropy of rolled aluminum using CP-FFT methods in comparison with statistical CP models
Panagiotis Seventekidis
Diarmuid Shore, Marc Seefeldt, Dirk Roose, Albert Van Bael
Multi phase field simulation for phase transformation and fracture
Vigneswaran Govindarajan
Marco Paggi
11h45Microstructure-based constitutive model for pearlitic nanolamellar structures
Jon Alkorta
José Manuel Martínez-Esnaola, Peter De Jaeger, Javier Gil Sevillano
Modelling precipitation hardening with kampmann-wagner approach for age hardened aluminium alloys
Jan Herrnring
Benjamin Klusemann
12h10Localized necking in nanocrystalline metallic thin films under static and relaxation conditions
Guerric Lemoine
Laurent Delannay, Thomas Pardoen
Coarse-grain modeling of the elastic behavior of single-layer molybdenum disulfide
Artem Panchenko
Ekaterina Podolskaya, Igor Berinskii


14h00Micromechanical modeling of fatigue crack initiation in polycrystals
Alexander Hartmaier
Martin Boeff, Hamad Ul Hassan
About the mechanical equivalence of mulfilament models of fibre tows with arbitrary number of filaments at different loads
Yordan Kyosev
14h25Deforming silicon and metallic nanoparticles with molecular dynamics: effect of size, shape and orientation
Dimitrios Kilymis
Selim Bel Haj Salah, Céline Gérard, Laurent Pizzagalli, Swetarekha Ram, Umesh Waghmare
Modelling of fibre break development in unidirectional composites under longitudinal bending
Arsen Melnikov
Yentl Swolfs, Francisco Mesquita, Stepan V. Lomov, Larissa Gorbatikh
14h50Non-singular dislocation continuum theories: strain gradient elasticity versus peierls-nabarro model
Markus Lazar
Two-phase model-reduction for two-scale simulations of components
Matthias Kabel


Auditorium MTC1 01.03

15h25Microstructure based modeling of fatigue life in inconel 718
Sergio Lucarini
Javier Segurado

15h50A homogenization model for the cyclic response of porous materials with isotropic and linear kinematic hardening
Kostas Danas
Long Cheng, Djimedo Kondo, Andrei Constantinescu



Friday (September 22)

Auditorium MTC1 01.03
09h00Plenary talk Daniel Wagner: 'Inspirational multiscale biological composites'

Auditorium MTC1 01.03
Lecture Hall MTC1 02.13
Joint Session Multiscale/Plasticity

10h00Instabilities and failure in soft fiber composites: analysis, simulations, and 3d printing
Stephan Rudykh
Viacheslav Slesarenko
The effect of stress states on micromechanical damage modeling of dual phase steels.
Javad Kadkhodapour
Ali Cheloee Darabi, Ali Pourkamali Anaraki, Hossein Pourfarzaneh, Hamidreza Chamani , Siegfried Schmauder
10h25Micro-scale optimization design of nanotube reinforced composites for suppression of stress concentrations
Qiang Liu
Stepan V. Lomov, Larissa Gorbatikh
Plasticity and fracture in dual-phase steels exhibiting a platelet-like microstructure
Karim Ismail
Laurence Brassart, Astrid Perlade, Pascal Jacques, Thomas Pardoen


11h20Study on pore shape effects on mechanical and conduction properties
Helmut J. Boehm
Micromechanical modelling of the integrated microstructural features effect on mechanical behaviours
Wenqi Liu
Junhe Lian, Sebastian Münstermann
11h45Direct transformation of μct images of fibrous materials into finite element models
Stepan Lomov
Ilya Straumit, Martine Wevers
Modeling of damage initiation in bainitic steels with vpsc
Jesus Galan
Behnam Shakerifard, Leo Kestens

A numerical multi-scale model to predict macroscopic material anisotropy of multi-phase steels
Sathish Kumar Ravi
Jerzy Gawad, Marc Seefeldt, Albert Van Bael, Dirk Roose



Detection, characterization and microstructural investigation of hydrogen induced cracking in a case study of oil and gas industry: finger type slug catcher
Mohsen Asadipour
J. Kadkhodapour, S. Schmauder, S.M.H. Sharifi, A.P. Anaraki, M. Moalemi

Elasto-plastic multiphase-field modeling of martensitic phase transformation in an ebsd-based dual-phase microstructure
Ephraim Schoof
Daniel Schneider, Christoph Herrmann, Michael Selzer, Britta Nestler

Theoretical analysis of the effective masses, bonding and optical properties of zinc-blende cadmium chalcogenides
Salima Ouendadji

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